Congratulations again to you fabulous donors for enabling the provision of support to a very special herd of horses in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane! The McIntyre Centre, located in Pinjarra Hills in the Western Suburbs of Brisbane, has 35 horses, all of whom have an important job in providing lessons for over 200 disabled riders a week from the greater Brisbane area.

The McIntyre Centre - entirely submerged."We were lucky that we were able to evacuate our horses to private homes on Tuesday, after which, the entire centre went underwater up to the roofs of the office buildings, which are located on the highest patch of land. Some saddlery and assorted other items from the offices were saved as well but we lost our entire shed full of hay which was a donation from a farmer in the Lockyer Valley who is, obviously, no longer in a position to donate hay.

Our land consists of over 40 acres of, normally, well-grassed paddocks, grazed in rotation to maximize feed production. All this land is still under water today and, obviously, flattened and covered in mud as they will be, will not be able to provide the usual amount of feed over summer. This has made our need for hay over summer desperate. Further, all our horses are billeted with local, private horse owners who, with the current unavailability of feed, will not be able to spare feed for horses other than their own.

Our 35 horses will be needing 40 bales of hay per week until the paddocks recover. With every single fence on the property needing to be replaced, we will not be in a position to recover the horses for at least 10 days from the time the water recedes. We anticipate that we will need at least 200 bales of hay to be sure that we can feed our horses and recommence lessons in 2011.  If you could provide any assistance towards achieving this, it would be much appreciated.

It must be said that we, at the McIntyre Centre are obviously aware of how very lucky we are that there was no loss of life, either human or equine; and that there are people who have suffered terrible loss in this disaster. Obviously, all claims for assistance must be assessed on a basis of relative need, however our horses have a special job to do in the lives of children who sometimes do not have much else to look forward to in their day ,and for their sakes, we need to have our horses back at the Centre and lessons recommencing as soon as possible."

We are sure that Quest donors will be happy to hear that they are funding the purchase of the initial 200 bales of hay required. Great work team! We are currently working on supplying the many other needs of the horses and ponies of this very important organisation, and will keep you updated on that.

Let's get these special horses fed, accomodated, healthy, and the children back in the saddle.... and around the horses who mean so much to them.