Where to start!

As each day goes by we are gaining a better and better feel for what's taking place over this widespread flood affected area, and the list of people to thank is already very long.

The accounts of personal experiences of this catastrophic event are shocking and so saddening. It is very important that we include the human aspect within our support, after all, it is the humans who need to care for the animals. We have found that at times like these, people's bond with their horse/s is often stronger than ever, particularly if they have lost everything else. When all around them is devastation and loss, it makes a huge difference to people to feel reassured that they have the capacity to care for their horse/s well.

At this point in the relief and recovery effort, many people are only just now finding the strength to search out assistance. We are doing all we can to seek out these people and encourage requests for help. Many people are reluctant to ask for help in these circumstances, but they need to understand that the community desperately WANTS to help them, and that we all know that they would offer us the same assistance if our situations were reversed. We have implemented a plan today which we think will go a long way towards finding these people and their horses.

THANK YOU to the many who have entrusted Quest with their donations to date. This evening we will post a bit of a tally so far of donations received and chq.s written. Having funds in the Appeal account enables us to say 'yes', and also allows us to plan for the long term future of this relief by securing bulk feed stocks, and we have been doing both. Where possible, we are prevailing upon our long term partners to supply many of the immediate needs, and as always, they do not hesitate to step up. Having this support is so important, as it allows us to achieve much, without always necessarily spending donated funds to do so. We would be very grateful to hear from other business' and suppliers who think they have something to offer the flood affected horses and owners who are doing it so tough right now.

Anyhow, just a note to check in, and this evening we will endeavour to put together some more extensive news for you on this page.