Another VERY busy day, and hard to find time to update, but we'd like to share a little good news story with you from today. More news later :)

Introducing Tilly, who for the time being, now has a family with Quest. Tilly was found wandering in the aftermath of the floods, and has had no one claim her to date. Tilly owes her rescue to our tireless Secretary Beth Parker (NSW), who worked her way through a loooong list of all Vets within the widespread areas of the Queensland flood zones, contacting by phone, and following up with our information. Thank you to our wonderful Jane Di Guiseppe (WA) for compiling the long list!

Our intention behind doing this was to 1. Gain some 'local knowledge', 2. Offer support to the Veterinarians who needed it, and 3. To ensure that the Vets were aware that we available to help with any situations which, without our support/intervention, would lead to the suffering of any horses.

Upon receiving our information, we were contacted by a very compassionate Vet who was aware of an injured and unclaimed horse. The Vet had been providing basic care to Tilly, but was very limited in what he could do for her due to a lack of facilities and time. With the help of this wonderful Vet, and upon his recommendation, today Tilly was transported to the Equine Hospital at our request, and Quest donors are now supporting Tilly's care and treatment. We are now Tilly's 'next of kin' and the lovely girl will receive all treatment and care deemed necessary by the attending Veterinarians at the hospital.Tilly


Report this afternoon from the attending Vet is:

Two extensive wounds which are granulating.

Treatment: Sedated and wounds cleaned and debrided/dressed.

Receiving oral antibiotics.

Left eye- chronic and pre-existing problem/nil vision in eye.

  • Large amount of adhesions present
  • Uveitis and conjunctivitis present

Treatment: Triple eye ointment treatment

Will require enucleation (removal) at approx. cost $1000

Wounds to be reviewed tomorrow.

Settled at present.



Initially we had assumed that Tilly had received a blow to her left eye during the flood crisis. Very disappointing (infuriating) to learn that the poor girl has a chronic pre-existing condition, which has not been treated by her owner, and which has become so serious as to lead to loss of sight in that eye. It will be interesting to see who owns up to this blatant neglect and failure to provide Veterinary care.

Anyhow, I can tell you, we are all feeling a lot better knowing that Tilly is now at the Equine Hospital in a dry clean stable, with a fully belly, pain relief, and appropriate care for her injuries. The horror of what she has undergone, only she will know, and the pain and discomfort that she has suffered for some period of time prior to the floods, is inexcusable. However, she will now want for nothing.

We will pass on updates of Tilly's progress and her up-coming surgery, and of course welcome any contributions that people would like to make towards what is going to be an impressive Vet bill.

Welcome to the Quest family Tilly! We are VERY glad that we found you, and are very happy to care for you.

Below is a clip from of the town from which Tilly has come. Watching this clip, you will get some idea as to the degree to which the humans and animals of this area were, and are impacted.