An update on Dream's surgery, which took place yesterday. All well so far.

The initial information re this mare and foal can be found here.

A subsequent update here.

Surgery 24.01.11

From UQ Equine Hospital:

"Dream's surgery went well today. We had donor blood available should she need a transfusion, however she remained stable under anaesthesia and did not require such intervention. The fistula over her withers contained a large amount of necrotic material that was removed, which included some bone as an abcess had extended into the dorsal aspect of one of the thoracic vertebrae. She had an excellent recovery from anaesthesia. She will remain on broad spectrum antibiotics (penicillin & gentamicin) and anti-inflammatories (phenylbutazone)."

This was major surgery. In the interests of those with sensitive stomachs, the intra-operative pics have not been posted.

Dream awaiting surgery.Dream