Thank you so much to SC Natural Horse products for their support for our Equine Flood Relief Effort!

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$300 worth of SC Natural Horse Products pack includes:

500mls Deluxe coats shampoo - a luscious sulpahte and paraben free shampoo with aloe vera juice and essential oils.  This shampoo thoroughly cleans the horse while being relaxing for the muscles, the mind and is very good for the skin; can be used as a temporary relief for itch.

500mls Deluxe coats spray - this all natural spray has a gentle, low pressure nozzle which many horses prefer.  It gives a quick surface clean to the coat, is nourishing and hydrating for the coat and is also great to use after a bath

250mls Muscle massage oil - horses LOVE this oil!  You don't have to be a masseuse to be able to use this oil, simple rub the oil on sore muscles to provide relief.  Your horse doesn't have to be sore to benefit from this oil as it gently loosens muscles, releases toxin build up and is extremely relaxing.  Use before work to relax muscles and therefore create a nice muscular topline with correct work.

250mls Soles and sores spray - this spray also has a low pressure nozzle.  It can be used to hydrate dry brittle hooves, aid in the treatment of seedy toe or a hoof abscess and can also be used as a wound cleansing spray.  It has a mild antiseptic action and is made on aloe vera juice, floral waters and essential oils.

250ml pot of Green honey blend - this cream can be used on all horses to aid in wound healing.  It is made on a cream and aloe vera gel base with green tea extract and honeysuckle flower powder

250ml pot Itchy bites blend - this blend is to soothe dry itchy and inflammed skin.  From chronic itch to an insect bite, this blend provides relief.  Made on a cream and aloe vera gel base, essential oils are added to soothe the skin

250ml pot SC body blend - this blend is also made on cream and aloe vera and can be used on injuries affecting the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.  It also provides relief from arthritis.  This blend helps to repair injuries while releasing toxins and providing pain relief and a reduction in inflammation.

100ml pot Hair regrowth cream - this ever popular cream rapidly increases the rate of hair growth.  Perfect to use on rug rubs, healed wounds that need hair growth, rubbed out manes and tails.

12mls calming oil - this oil can relax and calm a nervous, stressed or traumatized horse. 

12mls lolly's oil - this oil is for horses that suffer mass anxiety

Calming oil rollette - a handy pocket sized rollette for you!  This rollette can help with insomnia and anxiety.

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