Hay that was landed in Queensland yesterday is available to flood affected horses owners.

'Flood effected' can be any of the following; water through home, water through workplace meaning you are unable to work, flood water contaminated paddocks/ fences washed away, horses needing to be stabled due to injuries sustained in flood, flood water through feed shed destroying all existing feed.

This hay is provided free of charge by Quest donors, and has been trucked up from Victoria as a stepping stone to help people whilst they try to get back on their feet. Efforts need to be made by horse owners to source hay suppliers for the future. We understand that the hay situation will become dire for some over the coming winter. Please be practical when planning for the future. In some circumstances owners may need to consider de-stocking/down-sizing.

This load is stored on private property in the Walloon area. People who feel their circumstances fit any of the above criteria are welcome to call Rebecca to discuss, and to arrange collection: 0411 864 374.

UnloadingRebecca will make herself available between 9-10 am, and 4-6 pm each day for collections.

When collecting hay you will need to complete a declaration for our records.

* Please look out for those around you, and if you become aware of a fellow horse owner who needs this assistance, please relay this information.

Unfortunately there are many reports of unscrupulous individuals taking advantage of the various relief available. Be warned that Bek has an excellent bs radar, and she will not tolerate claims from those who do not fit the above criteria, and who aim to take hay for themselves that needs to go to the many who are seriously struggling to maintain their horse's well-being.

Thank you to those who assisted with the unloading and stacking!