An update and overview of where we're at.

Quest has not escaped the fall-out of the flooding here in northern Victoria. Although the main shelter itself did not sustain flood damage, our sister property and 'Sanctuary', which is located outside of Kerang, was entirely submerged. The horses and cattle on that property have been relocated, and we have confirmation today from committee member Tony Di Grande that all of the hay sheds were inundated and that all of the hay is lost. This hay included Quest allocated hay. The value of these Quest hay stores was $5000. This has placed Quest in rather a critical situation as we have horses in care and undergoing rehabilitation, and we have needed to urgently replace these hay stores.

We have been lucky enough to find 1000 bales located not too far from the Quest Shelter, and have purchased this hay with Quest general funds. This is a huge relief to us, but this unanticipated expense has completely depleted Quest's own bank balance. For this reason,  we will have to direct some of our focus and time towards the Quest organisation itself, undertake some fundraising, and work towards ensuring Quest's own financial stability and capacity to fulfill its own responsibilities and commitments in relation to its equine welfare work. Throughout the period of our Equine Flood Assistance Appeal all donations made to Quest have been allocated to our flood related appeal. We are exceptionally grateful for the generosity of many, which has enabled Quest to be a small part of the huge relief and recovery effort being undertaken by so many.

As is always the case, we are still available to anyone who has a problem/issue with their horse/s which could impact upon this/her welfare and well-being, whatever their location. We will however be unable to devote the degree of time specifically to the appeal that we have been maintaining over past weeks. Without feed and funds, Quest can simply not maintain its core operations and provide the services and options that it ordinarily does for horses and/or owners needing assistance, and this must necessarily be the committee's priority. We will of course continue to monitor the situation in both Victoria and Queensland, and to provide any help that our time and limited funds allow.

A few photos below from our ladies up north in Queensland:



At left, some gorgeous gift hampers for flood affected horse owners, put together by Jenelle using the kind donations sent by some of our wonderful Quest forum members. Only token gifts, but hopefully enough to raise a smile.


Murphys CreekMurphys Creek

The trailer load of donated hay pictured above was bound for this property. The images show this family's shed and round yard during the flooding, and the spot where they had been, after the waters had subsided. Completely swept away!



Some of the pictures taken by Jenelle near her property. If you enlarge the photo on the right by clicking on it you will notice the grass stuck in the tree. This will give you some idea as to just how high the waters were in some areas.