Total Donations to Equine Assistance Appeal: $26,925.44

This is an amazing effort from the equine community, particularly considering that we needed to close Quest's appeal far earlier than we had anticipated due to the organisation ultimately being significantly impacted by the Victorian floods itself.

Thank you to all who so readily gave towards this appeal, enabling Quest to respond in a very timely manner to the immediate urgent needs of flood affected horses and their owners. Close to $21,000 of appeal funds have already been utilised for their intended purpose, and Quest continues to maintain a presence in flood affected communities.

Quest has made contact with local Pony Clubs in flood affected areas, in addition to various state and national equestrian bodies, local veterinarians, and animal welfare agencies in an effort to identify any further horse owners in need of assistance.


McIntyre Centre Hay 600.00
C Burrows Hay 1320.00
C & J Pollock Hay 2267.10
C Burrows Hay 5280.00
University of Qld. Equine Hospital Veterinary Care 5521.52
Campbell Veterinary Services Veterinary Care 275.45
Condoluci Produce Hay
Campbell Veterinary Services Veterinary Care 132.00
Australia Post Postage of Flood Appeal Receipts 107.40
N Frank Materials for Flood Appeal Collection Tins 289.59
ZF Transport Hay Cartage 759.00
M Benns Hay 875.00
Sincere thanks to Horseland for meeting the costs of the transport of one load of hay from Vic. to Qld.!

All other supplies that Quest has distributed to date have been made possible with the support of contributing business' and partners, (some of whom are listed in the column at left), and at no cost to donors. These supplies include, but are not limited to: Rugs, Halters, Leads, Buckets, Grooming Equipment, Insecticidal Sprays, Wormers, Wound Sprays & Creams, Herbal Healing Creams & Tonics, Feed Bins, Anti-Fungal Washes, Fly Veils, Bandages, Fencing Supplies.


Over the past two months Quest has continued to provide assistance to flood affected horse owners in South East Queensland. 750 bales of hay purchased in Qld., which was transported to Gatton, have now been kindly distributed to many horse owners by Hoofs2010 volunteers. The operation to distribute hay from the Tenthill Produce facility had slowly been winding down over the past few months, and has now ceased. We hope that with the distribution of over 1500 bales of hay, Quest has made a positive difference in alleviating some of the personal hardship faced by many horse owners severely impacted by the devastating floods. Most horse owners in this area have now sourced alternate feed supplies and have had time to make suitable arrangements to cater for the future welfare of their horses.

To date, Quest has assisted over 50 horse owners in Queensland with the provision of feed, medical supplies and essential equine related equipment. Many of these owners had large numbers of horses. Volunteers dealing directly with flood victims estimate that Quest has assisted somewhere in the vicinity of 400 Queensland horses.

Once again, Quest would like to convey our sincere appreciation to all of our generous donors for their support of this appeal, and also to our wonderful Queensland volunteers who gave so much to assist the equine community in their time of need. In particular, Jenelle Gills and Rebecca Thompson, (who though flood affected herself, made a super-human effort towards assisting others).

Quest submitted its application to fundraise for this appeal immediately upon realising the extent of the Queensland flooding and the inevitable consequences. For this reason, the legal terms of our fundraising approval were limited to what appeared to be the affected area at the time, Queensland. As we all know now, in the weeks following the Queensland devastation, Victoria also fell victim to extensive and catastrophic flooding. Quest has provided assistance to flood affected horse owners in the state of Victoria also, but has/is funding this assistance from Quest general funds, along with a kind donation made to Quest by the RASV for the express purpose of assisting Victorian flood affected equine owners. Thank you so much to all who contributed to the RASV collection! Quest general funds are made up solely by donations and administered by volunteers, therefore our thanks must be extended to include all of those who have supported Quest in the past, and do so currently. Not forgetting our Nicole, who made up 50+ beautiful equine flood assistance appeal tins in record time!

Thanks also to Horseland, who have been very supportive of Quest's appeal, and kindly distributed donation collection tins to all of their stores. Horseland also made very generous donations of much needed products and equipment directly to equine owners in flood affected communities local to specific stores.

We have received some lovely letters of thanks from individuals, which we would so much love to share with donors in order to give them a sense of the positive outcomes that their generosity achieved. We will look at editing some of these letters maybe in a manner that completely protects and respects the privacy of senders in order that we can do so.

We hope that all donors feel that their kind contributions have been administered wisely and transparently, and that each donor has an an understanding of the extent to which their generosity has translated to direct assistance.