The consequences of hoof neglect.

Hoof neglect has serious consequences - find a good Farrier and look after him/her!

Farriery is a tough profession. Not only is it extremely physically taxing, but frequently Farriers are not treated as the professionals that they are.
For the well-being of your horse/s it is vital that you establish a good relationship with a quality farrier.

Here are just a few examples of what your Farrier does NOT want to hear!


"(Having got up at 6.30am to get to pony club by 8am) Are you waiting for ....? They sold the pony two weeks ago. Didn't they tell you?"

"Woops, sorry, I'll turn the electric fence off!"

"Can you help me catch my horse?"

"I know that you're scheduled to do 8 horses here today, but I only have 2 for you."

"I'm sorry he's so muddy. Now that you're here, do you want him brushed?"

"Please don't reprimand my horse when he bites you."

"If you will just give each of the dogs a piece of hoof they will get out from underneath the horse and stop fighting."

"As much as you charge, I should get to use that truck too."

"That’s not the way they did it on that horse-shoeing show."

"I see who makes all the money in horses – Farriers!"

"My last Farrier couldn't finish - so they gave me your name and number."

"You don’t mind if I feed the other horses while you do that, do you?"

"Are you sure you have them on the correct foot?"

"If he didn't kick like that, I’d trim him myself."

"Can we shoe him in the arena? If he rears in the stables, he hits his head."

"I forgot you were coming - I just turned all the horses out."

"Can you make it after six, or on Sunday? I have to work."

"I just can't believe that he bit you."

"I read all about the 'Natural Way' to trim on the Internet, and you’re supposed to..."

"Wow... did that hurt?"

"It doesn't look like he’s leaning from here."

"Good morning - glad you’re here - can we reschedule? I have a lot going on today."

"It’s so cool that he can balance on just two feet."

"Can you shoe him so that he doesn't paw?"

"Gee, most times when he kicks, he misses!"

"Just do the hinds - I’ll do the fronts."

"I left the cheque book in the car, and my wife/husband just left - can you book it up?"

"I’m sure glad you don’t mind working on muddy feet."

"Does it mean my horses have some sort of deficiency when they chew the paint off your Ute like that?"

"We need to keep the price down on this bill."

"I got a bargain on these shoes at a garage sale, could you use them instead and save me some money?"

"Oops! Wrong horse."

"I know when I booked I said just a trim, but can we shoe ‘em as well?"

"My weanling colt needs a trim, and I figured you could halter break him at the same time."

"I know it’s been a long day for you - that’s why I saved the worst one for last."

"If my other Farrier’s ribs weren't broken, he’d be able to get shoes on this horse."

"It’s a good thing you’re slow today, or he’d have had shoes on when he kicked your Ute."

"I don’t understand why the shoes didn't stay on. I just had them put on 12 weeks ago."